Our Mission

We want to inspire people to think more about the impact of healthy eating on our well-being and quality of life. This includes understanding how food can change our body chemistry.

We are not saying that a proper diet will solve all your problems, but it is certainly an important support.

It is important to us that all products offered correspond to our values:

Best quality

The quality of our products is very important to us. Here you will not find industrial mass-produced goods, but ecological, handmade products.

Fair trade

Fair payment of our partners. Our products come directly from the farms in the country of origin. We always make sure that they are paid adequately and fairly. In addition, the purchase of our ceremonial cacao supports social projects in Guatemala.


It's not just the fair treatment and payment of the people we work with that's important to us, but also that of the animals. That's why we make sure that no animals are harmed in any of the products we offer. Our experience: it tastes much better without a guilty conscience!


Honesty is very important to us. That's why we tell you clearly how and where all of our ceremonial cacao was produced. Whether it was 100% handmade or with a machine. You always know exactly what you're getting.

Why we founded the shop

For personal reasons, we have been dealing with the topic of healing for some time, be it physical, mental or spiritual. We quickly realized that we need more meaning in life and that the best way to achieve this is to help people and support them on their path to healing.

The most important thing to remember is that body and mind are one. An unbalanced body can affect our mental health, just as an unbalanced mind can have a negative effect on our body.

In addition to the mental work, it is therefore also important to pay attention to keeping our body fit and healthy and to provide it with all the nutrients it needs on the road to healing. This is exactly what we try to do with the products in our shop.

Dealing with the topic of nutrition these days can be very complicated and confusing. Not all sources always agree on what our bodies need. Especially when it comes to a vegan diet, there are many rumors circulating about which nutrients are missing and which nutritional supplements you need to take in order to "still" be healthy.

We are constantly looking for the right superfoods that contain important nutrients and are completely natural and plant-based. So become part of our community and stay up to date on what new foods we'll be conjuring up next. Maybe we can even surprise you with one or two of the foods.

Our vision

Ceremonial cacao is currently the heart of our shop. It is not just its incredible effect on our bodies that makes it a very special product for us. The sale of ceremonial cacao supports the indigenous peoples of Guatemala and promotes social projects. That is why we are particularly pleased when we sell ceremonial cacao or a traditional Mayan product.

We would like to find more products like this for our shop. Products that help our customers and the people in the country of origin. We are always open to your suggestions.

Because hopefully this is just the beginning!

In the long term, we would like to help more than just people. It has always been our dream to look after street dogs and give them a good home. We want to use the shop to finance this dream and open a dog shelter to give the animals a good life until they are adopted. We would be delighted if you would support us in our vision!

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