Our Ceremonial Cacao - Origin & Processing

We are pleased to be able to offer you ceremonial cacao in our shop, which is produced responsibly and is influenced by genuine Mayan wisdom, culture and heritage . We are even more pleased that we can support not just one indigenous producer, but several and make them available to people under the Fifth Element brand.

The production and processing differs slightly from producer to producer. However, all steps of production, from the farm to the cup, always follow the millennia-old traditions of the Mayan culture . Our ceremonial Cacao 'Fifth Element Original', for example, is 100% handmade, while a machine, a small stone mill, is used to produce our cacao 'Fifth Element Cahabón'. This enables us to offer ceremonial cacao from different price segments and make it accessible to even more people. The taste also differs from cacao to cacao and it is up to you to find your personal favorite.

In keeping with our mission, the people behind the cacao are particularly important to us. You can find out more about the people and their sometimes moving stories and the production and processing of our products on the respective product pages: Click here . 

We guarantee that the ethical way in which the organization is run aims to protect all parties involved and the environment , including you. And that our ceremonial cacao is not industrially manufactured mass-produced goods, but is always produced in the traditional Mayan way .

This also applies to all other ceremonial products that you find in our shop and that support the prosperity of small and indigenous family businesses .

    Discover Our Ceremonial Cacao

    How do you contribute to our mission?

    The members of our collective are committed to many goals. This means that by purchasing this ceremonial cacao, or one of our other beautiful products, you can support us in our charitable projects. These include:

    • Free Mayan education in indigenous communities with the aim of enabling people to remember their roots and ancient traditions .
    • Every time you buy ceremonial cacao, we give cacao to indigenous peoples for free while educating them about its nutritional value, spiritual uses and history. We focus especially on fighting child malnutrition in poor communities in Guatemala through the use of cacao.
    • Projects to provide financial education and employment to indigenous women so that they can support themselves.
    • Free ancient treatments with cacao in local rehabilitation centers , which have already helped us to rehabilitate many addicted indigenous people.
    • Financial support for individuals or families who find themselves in critical situations.

    From Farm to Cup - The Journey of Our Ceremonial Cacao ‘Fifth Element Original’

    THE CACAO FARMS - The cacao is grown in the traditional Mayan way. On the farm, 3 traditional Kotzij' (ceremonies) are held to pay respect to the cacao trees: when it is planted, when it blooms and when it is harvested!
    In addition, every person who enters the farm purifies themselves with incense to free themselves from negative energies and bring only positive energy into the room and the ceremonial cacao.

    BIODIVERSITY - Part of the ceremonial cacao production is left to the animals that also feed on it, in order to respect the symbiotic relationship of the cacao with the local flora and fauna. In addition, no chemicals come near the cacao and the farmers only use ancient agricultural methods.

    PRODUCTION - The ceremonial cacao is made by hand. From drying in the sun to roasting and peeling, to grinding in the traditional metate, every step of the process is done by hand. Ajq'ijab' (Mayan spiritual leaders) energize the cacao during the process by purifying it and incorporating it into traditional spiritual practices that fill it with energy.

    PACKAGING - We use a special paper that protects the ceremonial cacao and its aroma. The cacao is then packed in traditional Mayan bags that play the role of physical and spiritual protection on the journey around the world to your home. The bags are made by an indigenous artisan workshop.

      Our other Products

      In our shop you will find a large selection of products, such as:

      • Traditional Mayan candles: The candles are made in Guatemala by Tata Mario, one of the Ajq'ijab' (Maya spiritual leaders). He owns a small local shop with his family where many spiritual leaders come to buy materials for their practices and ceremonies.


      • Jicaras (traditional Mayan drinking cups): The beautiful drinking vessels come from the Baya Verapaz region, where they are made by hand by a small indigenous family. A family that has been producing jicaras for decades. The mother, her daughter and other members of the family collect the jicaras from the trees, empty them, dry them in the sun and create these beautiful patterns 100% by hand. This makes each jicara truly unique! Not only do you get a beautiful new drinking cup, but your purchase also supports this hard-working Guatemalan family who have dedicated themselves to continuing this tradition for many years and are very happy that their traditional drinking vessels are now traveling around the world.


      • Cacao Tea: The tea is made with love in Paxi and Kayala (Guatemala) from the shell of the cacao bean. After the beans of our cacao are roasted in a wood fire, the cacao is peeled by hand and the resulting shell becomes our healthy and delicious cacao tea! It contains incredible properties that activate and heal your body.

      Stay tuned, because you will soon find many more wonderful healing and holistic products in our shop!

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