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Cacao - Tea

Cacao - Tea

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0.5 pounds of cacao bean pod tea (250g*).

*Due to the non-industrial processing, there may be slight fluctuations in quantity.


The cacao is grown in the traditional Mayan way. On the farm, three traditional kotzij' (ceremonies) are held to pay respect to the cacao trees: when it is planted, when it blooms and when it is harvested!
In addition, every person who enters the farm purifies themselves with incense to bring only positive energy to the farm and into the ceremonial cacao.


Part of the cacao production is left to the animals, who also depend on the cacao, in order to respect the symbiotic relationship between cacao and the local flora and fauna. In addition, no chemicals come near the cacao and farmers only use ancient agricultural methods.

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Discover the extraordinary effects of our cacao tea.

The ceremonial cacao tea was made with love in Paxil and Kayala (Guatemala) and has incredible properties that activate your body and support your healing. This tea is made from the shell of the cacao bean. After the beans of our cacao have been roasted in a wood fire, the cacao is peeled by hand. The shell becomes our healthy and delicious cacao tea!

Maybe cacao tea is new to you, but once you try it, you'll love it! Here are some of its incredible benefits:

It is incredibly rich in antioxidants and flavonoids. These fight free radicals in the body and help reduce inflammation, stabilize blood pressure, and produce serotonin, thus creating feelings of happiness. Theobromine, a caffeine-free energy source, is considered a mood enhancer, improves heart and respiratory health, increases cognitive functions, and much more. The cacao tea is free of sugar, gluten, and any additives.

And did you know that cacao tea is a great alternative for people who can't drink 100% ceremonial cacao paste? If you have a stomach ulcer, are taking medication for depression or anxiety, if you are taking medication for epilepsy or other chemical medications for mental health issues, you may not be able to drink 100% ceremonial cacao paste. BUT in that case, this amazing cacao tea is a great alternative, and you can definitely drink it! (In a balanced ratio and in a reasonable daily amount, of course).


Origin of cacao tea

Cacao tea is made from the shell of cacao beans. The producer, like all of our cacao varieties, is an indigenous company from Guatemala. Their mission is clear: to make the authentic practices and wisdom of cacao accessible to their community and the world. The collective that produces the tea is made up of Ajq'ijab' (Mayan spiritual leaders), elders (spiritual leaders who also play the role of leaders and leaders), cacao farmers, historians, experts in cacao processing, texels (grandmothers who guide the process of cacao production) and other members of the community.

The cacao comes from an old farm in Alta Verapaz owned by members of the Q'eqchi' people. What is an old farm? During the Conquista (conquest of the Americas), the Spanish banned the Mayans from using cacao. The cacao farms were torn down and replaced with coffee farms and other products (because they sold better in Europe), and the Mayans were enslaved and put to work on these new farms. But there was resistance and some cacao farms survived. The farm we get our cacao from is one of these old farms and the trees are the descendants of trees that were on that farm hundreds of years ago. When planting, special rituals and ceremonies are performed for the trees to follow the steps of traditional cultivation.

The cacao is then taken to the border between the Kaqchikel and Q'iche' peoples, where the collective continues the process of processing. At each step of the process, our cacao tea is handcrafted in the traditional Mayan way. It is sun dried, hand roasted in wood fires, husked and packaged by indigenous women and grandmothers. But before it is packaged, the Ajq'ijab' (spiritual guides) and Aj Kakaw (guardians of the wisdom of cacao) perform a ceremony with incense and fire, invoking the sacred energies of the Maya to purify, bless and protect this cacao tea. Then it is packaged and sent to your home!

Made in Sololá, Guatemala I Blessed by Mayan spiritual guides I Not a single machine used I Produced by an indigenous-owned company.

The product comes from the Union of Mayan peoples of Paxil and Kayala (Guatemala) with the intention of reclaiming the use of our sacred Ka'kaw!


Stir 1-3 teaspoons of cacao tea into 1 cup of boiling water! Cover tightly and let steep for 2-5 minutes. Strain and enjoy the tea. You can also add a clove, cinnamon and/or a natural sweetener of your choice.

BUT there is more you can do with the tea!

Make a delicious and refreshing iced tea with your cacao tea. Prepare the cacao tea as described above and then simply put it in the fridge for a few hours. Now you have a super healthy and delicious drink for the whole family!

You can also use the tea water as a natural hair treatment. Let the water infused with cacao shells cool down. Then apply it to your hair and scalp. Some of the natural cacao oils remain in the shell, making your hair shiny and silky. But its antioxidants and other properties also promote hair growth and prevent hair loss.

Important information

To store, leave in the bag or transfer to a sealable glass jar and simply store in a dark and cool place.

Our cacao tea was made in the traditional way by the Mayans - we are proud that this cacao has not passed through a single industrial machine!

Packaging and patterns/colors may vary from the images.

The time until arrival varies depending on the region. Expect about 7-10 working days. If you need your products sooner, just send us a message!

Cacao with meaning

By purchasing this cacao tea, you are not only supporting indigenous peoples through fair trade and ethical consumption, but you are doing much more! The money that goes to the collective is used to pay the workers a wage that preserves their dignity and feeds their families.

It also invests in wonderful projects aimed at giving cacao back to the indigenous communities of Guatemala, who unfortunately have almost lost this part of their tradition. For hundreds of years it was forbidden to use cacao for ceremonies because it was considered witchcraft. When you buy cacao, we can provide cacao to indigenous peoples for free and educate them on how to use it to fight malnutrition, reclaim their indigenous traditions and recover their ancient wisdom.

In addition, we support projects in indigenous communities, including support for addicts in public rehabilitation centers, cleaning and activating a corridor of ancient Mayan altars that have been abandoned, and individual projects to support specific people in the community who need immediate assistance.