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Fifth Element

Ceremonial Cacao - Fifth Element Cahabon

Ceremonial Cacao - Fifth Element Cahabon

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Fifth Element Cahabon Ceremonial Cacao - Bring Your Rituals to Life

Experience the transformative power of Fifth Element Cahabon Ceremonial Cacao, straight from the lush rainforests of Guatemala. Our 100% pure ceremonial cacao is grown and processed by indigenous communities according to centuries-old Mayan tradition.


Discover this ancient medicine and its wonderful effects on body, mind & soul.

*Due to the non-industrial processing, there may be slight fluctuations in quantity.
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Benefit from the natural advantages of our 100% ceremonial cacao paste!


Take a moment and learn more about our wonderful cacao paste and the history of the family it comes from...


Our Cahabón cacao is truly something special, made by an incredible family with a moving story.

After escaping one of the most dangerous zones of Guatemala City, this brave family found safety and stability in a small town near Antigua.

After overcoming enormous challenges and adversities, they worked hard to establish a 100% natural and organic cacao production. They source their very special cacao from the lush jungles of northern Guatemala - the Cahabón region.

The ceremonial cacao is produced with love and commitment to quality and traditional practices.

Cahabón cacao is made entirely by hand, with one exception: a stone mill. A simple machine that grinds the beans into a rich paste. This preserves the quality and allows us to offer the cacao at lower prices, making it accessible to more people!

Every step of production is carried out with care and love.

We are very grateful to be able to support this wonderful family business and create more jobs for indigenous communities.

Jicara mit Molonillo

How do I prepare ceremonial cacao?

Add 15g to max. 30g of ceremonial cocoa to approx. 200ml of hot (not boiling) water and stir until the cocoa has completely dissolved!


Do it the traditional way and mix the ceremonial cacao with some hot (but not boiling) water. Stir until it dissolves and then fill the rest of the vessel with water.

TIP: Use a wooden molinillo to prepare the cocoa in a truly authentic way!


High quality - This ceremonial cacao comes from the Cahabón region of Guatemala and is made from the highest quality beans, called Criollo.

Only one machine - Every step of the process, including sun drying, roasting and peeling, is done by hand, only the grinding is done with a simple electric machine.

Far beyond fair trade - Our cacao farmers and producers set their own prices and receive far more than the fair trade price, which would still be exploitative.

Authentic Mayan Traditions - The cacao collectives we work with are rooted in authentic Mayan traditions and values, preserving a rich cultural heritage passed down for centuries.

Sustainable farming - The cacao used for this paste is grown using regenerative and biodiverse farming practices, prioritizing soil, wildlife and ecosystem health.

Organic - All our cacao is certified 100% organic.


How ceremonial cacao supports physical and spiritual healing

Positive effects of ceremonial cacao on the body

Cacao, the raw form of chocolate, is a highly nutritious food that offers numerous potential health benefits for the body.

One of the most important benefits of cacao, and especially raw cacao, is its high content of antioxidants, particularly flavonoids. These powerful compounds protect the body from harmful free radicals that can damage cells and contribute to the development of chronic diseases such as cancer and heart disease. Cacao is also a good source of magnesium, which is important for maintaining strong bones, regulating heart rhythm and supporting a healthy immune system.

In addition to its antioxidant and mineral content, cacao has been shown to have a number of other potential health benefits. For example, it may help reduce the risk of heart disease by improving circulation and lowering blood pressure. Raw cacao may also have a positive effect on brain function, as it contains compounds that may improve cognitive performance and reduce the risk of age-related cognitive decline.

Cacao is also a good source of fiber, which can help promote regular bowel movements and improve digestion. Finally, cacao may have a positive effect on mood, as it contains compounds that have been shown to have mood-enhancing effects.

It is advisable to choose minimally processed forms of cacao, such as raw cacao powder or cacao, rather than highly processed chocolate products, which can contain high levels of sugar and unhealthy fats.

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Positive effects of cocoa on the mind

Cacao has been shown to have a number of positive effects on the mind and healthy brain function.

One of the most important effects of cacao on the mind is improving cognitive function. Cacao contains compounds such as caffeine and theobromine, which are known to have a stimulating effect on the brain. These compounds can help improve attention, focus and concentration, and may even have a protective effect on the brain against age-related cognitive decline.

Cacao may also have a positive effect on mood. It contains a number of compounds, including anandamide, known as the "happy molecule" for its role in promoting feelings of happiness and well-being. Cacao may also increase levels of serotonin in the brain, a neurotransmitter that helps regulate mood and feelings of happiness and contentment.

In addition to its cognitive and mood-enhancing effects, cacao may also have a number of other benefits for the mind. For example, it has been shown to have a positive effect on blood flow to the brain, which can improve brain function and performance. Cacao may also have a protective effect against stress and anxiety, as it contains compounds that have been shown to have a relaxing effect on the mind and body.

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Important information

When storing, please note that ceremonial cacao does not need to be refrigerated. Simply store it in a dark and cool place.

Our cacao contains only 100% pure cacao paste - we are proud that this cacao contains no additives and our producers are fairly paid.

Packaging and patterns/colors may vary from the images.

The time until arrival depends on your region. Expect about 7-10 working days. If you need the cocoa sooner, just write us a message!

Cocoa with meaning

By purchasing this ceremonial cacao, you are not only supporting indigenous producers through fair trade and ethical consumption, but you are doing much more! The money that goes to our producers is used to pay the workers a wage that preserves their dignity and feeds their families.

It also invests in wonderful projects aimed at giving cacao back to the indigenous communities of Guatemala, who unfortunately have almost lost this part of their tradition. For hundreds of years, it was forbidden to use cacao for ceremonies because it was considered witchcraft. When you buy cacao, we can provide cacao to indigenous peoples for free and educate them on how to use it to fight malnutrition, reclaim their indigenous traditions and recover their ancient wisdom.

In addition, we support projects in indigenous communities, including support for addicts in public rehabilitation centers, cleaning and activating a corridor of ancient Mayan altars that have been abandoned, and individual projects to support specific people in the community who need immediate assistance.

Nutritional information

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